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When you’re ready to sell your Hollywood area home…

As a homeowner, the decision to sell is never an easy one. Managing the upkeep of your home, while trying to relax and enjoy life can become a growing challenge. Selling and moving into a more manageable home that requires less work may better suit your new lifestyle. And to  fully enjoy the next phase of your life, you’ll want capture all the equity over the years.

Without a strategic plan and expert guidance, you may not get the highest return on your what may be your largest financial asset.

I can help.

Real estate agents today are often split into two camps.

The first group heavily discounts their fees—yet, simply puts in a minimal effort by clicking a few buttons online—hoping and praying your home will sell. The second group are the fast talkers who only have their own interests in mind, and not yours.

You know you deserve better. And I agree.

Diana and her team do things differently.

My team and I use a specific and unique strategy when it comes to prepping, listing and selling. These proceses are proven to work. And, yes, you get step-by-step support and guidance throughout the entire process.  Yes, real estate involves a lot of numbers, but you deserve to be treated like you are so much more than that—because you truly are.

This is why so many of my customers have trusted me to deliver the highest possible return from likely their largest financial asset. We make it a seamless, simple, and stress-free experience for you—no matter what is going on in the economy or the media.

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I’ll briefly cover your goals, how we work with our clients, and if it’s the right fit, discuss the next steps.

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​Diana Bakker Fahmie
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